Custom Egress Window Well Covers

Egress Window Well Covers, We Customize For You! Fall is upon us. The leaves are changing colors and the air is feeling crisp! It is the time of year that we need to think about getting our homes ready for winter! We have found...

Visit Haider Glass Specialties at the 2013 Bis-Man Homebulider’s Home Show Feb 22-24

It is time once again to showcase the talent in Bismarck-Mandan. The Bis-Man Home Builder’s Association Home Show starts tomorrow, Friday Feb. 22nd at the Bismarck Civic Center. We invite you to see our shower, mirror, and specialty glass displays and visit with us...

Windshield Repair, Bismarck -Haider Glass Specialties

Windshields, Why Replace When You Can Repair When your windshield gets broken it does not always need to be replaced. You can save the time and cost of a windshield by repairing rock chips and small cracks. What can be repaired? Most rock chips...
The frosted glass pillars in this living room are soft and serene and add a smooth texture to the rocks that surround them.

Enhance Your Home With Decorative Glass- Decorative and Textured Glass, Bismarck-Haider Glass Specialties

Use Glass To Add Texture to Your Space Glass comes in many textures and patterns and can be used to soften a space or add character to any room in your home.  Cabinetry is one of the most popular places that you will find...

Glass, a look in time..

Origin of windows Nobody really knows how glass windows came about, but it has been speculated that an ancient equivalent of an interior designer once looked at a section of wall surrounded by curtains and announced that it was “missing a certain something”.  

Glass Railings!

Give your deck a WOW! effect. Besides for making an immediate impression… What are the benefits of glass railings. Well, I’m glad you asked. They’re long lasting and maintenance free. Unlike normal wood or metal railings, glass railings don’t need paint or stain. The...

Beauty in the details

You have spent so much time and effort to make your spaces beautiful. If you took the time choosing beautiful lighting, paint colors, and counter tops for your home — custom mirrors are a must. A mirror is one of your least expensive finishing...