Custom Egress Window Well Covers

Posted on September 25


Egress Window Well Covers, We Customize For You!

Fall is upon us. The leaves are changing colors and the air is feeling crisp! It is the time of year that we need to think about getting our homes ready for winter! We have found that many homeowners struggle when it comes to finding window well covers for their egress window wells.

Haider Glass Specialties will customize egress window well covers for your home! We specialize in templating and designing them to fit your specific needs.  The design process starts with a simple phone call. We will schedule a time, at your convenience, to meet with you and discuss options and the best design for your home.  Then, we will get you pricing and can get started on fabrication. It generally just takes a couple of weeks and your problems are solved!

There is still time to cover your egress windows before the snow falls.

It is not too late to get on our fall schedule. Make spring clean up easier by covering your window wells before the snow hits! This will help keep your window wells clear of debris and make spring clean up so much easier!

Safety First

When we talk about egress window well covers we talk a lot about keeping your spaces clean of debris, animals that may wander in, and helping you to have a more maintenance friendly home. Window wells are being designed larger and larger and it creates a safety issue for home owners. Children and animals can easily wander by your egress window wells and it would be easy for them to fall in and get severely harmed. Egress window well covers can help cover these deep areas and help you to avoid falls and injuries.

Benefits of Custom Egress Window Well Covers

  • Clean look
  • Maintain the natural lighting that comes in your basement windows
  • Cleanliness; keep debris and animals out of your window well covers
  • Safety, help protect your children and others from falling by covering your egress window wells
  • Helps direct water away from your window wells by covering them
  • Security; cover your window wells so that you can get out but perpetrators can’t get in
  • Cost Effective, window wells last the test of time so this is a cost effective investment that will benefit you for many years to come

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