Glass Railing systems


Do you have a million dollar view? Do you want to be sheltered from our infamous ND wind? Do you want privacy without obscuring your view? Or, do you simply want to create an elegant look for your indoor or outdoor patio, hallway, or stairway?
Haider Glass Specialties has the solution for you: a custom glass railing system!

At Haider Glass Specialties, we design and fabricate our custom glass railing systems with only the finest of materials. You are able to choose from many different glass and finish options. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your system.

Pictured to the right: custom residential interior glass railing system. This glass railing system features artwork that is carved and etched into the glass. The glass is lighted to give the artwork a 3-D effect.

Pictured below: custom exterior glass railing system. This railing system is installed on a deck using clear glass so that the homeowners can enjoy their breathtaking view. These railing systems are durable, protect occupants from the elements, and are also very easy to keep clean.