Customize your bar with a glass countertop

Glass countertops are becoming more and more popular.  Glass countertops can add some dimension to your space without being too busy. Glass is a smooth surface that is easy to clean and it can be customized to compliment any texture or pattern in your bar or kitchen area.  The last glass countertop that we worked on was custom designted for the customer. The texture and color in the glass countertop came from a rug that she had decorated her home with. We took some warm browns and some golds and burgandies out of the rug and created a glass countertop that complimented the texture and colors of the customer’s decor in their home.

The glass countertop shown is installed with standoff bases. The standoffs can elevate the glass above the counter and give the glass a more modern look. The standoffs come in many different sizes and can be customized to suite any project.

Contact us for more information on glass countertops. We would love to help design and create your next project.

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